February 2019:

I am thrilled to let you know that my single will be released for World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st 2019. It will be called "I can and I will". It will get it's first radio play as a live recording on February 24th at 10am (GMT) on RTE Radio 1 on the Miriam O' Callaghan Show ( click here to listen ). I will also be doing three fundraising concerts in Dublin, Drogheda and Galway on March 21st, 22nd and 23rd respectively. Tickets are available from this page and all proceeds (minus the €0.85 booking fee) go directly towards Down Syndrome Ireland. A sincere thank you to all who have supported this (very personal) cause and I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Upcoming Concerts:




January 2019:

Hi there,

Happy new year! I hope it has been good so far for you. As mentioned in the post below, I am still working on the new release. It's all really taking shape now and going in a direction that I am very happy with. In the past, I've often felt under pressure to present music to a certain type of listener (maybe more so in my second album than my first) but,  this time, I am producing music that I am completely comfortable with.


In this light, I plan to release a single in March to coincide with World Down Syndrome Day (21st March), which will be a fundraiser for Down Syndrome Ireland. This is a cause very close to my heart so I will do everything in my power to make it a success. At this time, I will also do some gigs (all proceeds going to Down Syndrome Ireland) which I hope will raise the profile of Down Syndrome Ireland and also raise a bit of much needed cash. More Details about those gigs to follow soon.  

See you soon.

November 2018:

Hi there,

It has been a while since I have had a news page on my website. Since I redesigned it, I didn't really see the need since I didn't have any news to share! Sometimes I read comments from other artists and they say they have a 'big announcement' and I wasn't sure how they were categorizing putting new strings on their guitar as a big announcement! However, if you'll indulge me, I have an announcement of my own that you can categorize as important or not in the context of your own life...........In 2019 I will release new music, two singles and an album. This will be my third album and I hope to draw on the experience of the previous two. I've released albums in 2011 and 2015, so the universe is telling me that I am destined to release an album every 4 years! As an independent artist, I find it difficult to release sooner than this, and I know this might seem a little odd to people. Building up to a release involves a hell of a lot of different parts, writing the music and lyrics is just one part; but obviously the most important part. I think it is important to let an album breathe, to find it's own space, to put it out to the world for it to be critiqued as appropriate to each listener. There is such a huge amount of brilliant music on offer at present that sometimes it can take people a little time for people to find it. My albums have definitely had the time they need to a good wine!

What to say about the forthcoming album then? The current working title is "Between Chaos and Order" and although this may change slightly, that is the theme throughout. I have been working diligently  since the release of "Redemption" on the writing and music for this and I have, eventually come to a selection  of songs that I am happy with. It will be predominantly a digital release with a limited number of physical cd's available (learning from the mistakes of the last album). Also, and I am quite excited about this, I will release a booklet to go along with the physical cd. It will be in the style of a journal with the lyrics and notes on the songwriting  and pictures and artwork. I am looking forward to this release, I hope you are too.  

Thanks for reading.

More to follow..............